7 Types of Push-Ups ...


There are many different types of push-ups that will help tone our arms, our torso, and even our legs! Push-ups are great for our core, but can get a little boring without any switch-up. These push-ups will keep your workout fun and get your muscles growing. Mix up your usual routine and try a few types of push-ups from this list.

1. The Classic Push-up

With all the different types of push-ups out there, it only seems fitting to start with the most classic. If you have not done many push-ups, this is a great place to begin; it will work your upper arms, core, and back. Get into plank position with hands facing forward and under your shoulders. Keep your body straight with your bum tucked in and bend elbows outward until your nose is almost touching the ground. Hold, then slowly come back to starting plank position. That’s one!

Triangle Push-Ups
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