7 Super Ways to Workout Outdoors Efficiently ...


Having just returned from a week-long vacation to Myrtle Beach, I have plenty of ways to workout outdoors and several that I participated in!

From bike riding, rafting, rock climbing, and beach workouts to runs, scuba diving, swimming, and hiking, there are plenty of high calorie burning workouts you can enjoy while taking in some fresh air!

The best part about these workouts is that there is variety, which will help eliminate workout boredom.

So now let me share my ways to workout outdoors to see optimal results and have fun!2

1. Hiking is a Great Calorie Burn

Hiking is a great way to explore the outdoors, be challenged, and have fun.3

I enjoy hiking at different mountains to experience new sights.2

In just a 30 minute session hiking, you can burn anywhere from 200-500 calories, depending on how much you weigh and the difficulty of where you are hiking.

This tops my ways to workout outdoors because this is for all fitness levels.

2. Ready for a Great Run

Running is such a great workout, not only because it burns between 600-900 calories an hour depending upon your weight, but also because it is a great way to workout outdoors.

You can challenge yourself with hilly runs, longer distances or even run intervals for optimal weight loss.

If you seek support on your runs, recruit a friend to join you to chat while the miles seem to speed by!

3. White Water Rafting is an Adrenaline Rush

Enjoy the great outdoors while rafting with some friends.

This is much more fun that being stuck in a gym and this is a great upper body workout, burning approximately 350 calories an hour.

You also work your core because of all the effort of balance while rafting!

4. Scuba Diving is Challenging and Ultra Rewarding

Scuba diving is one of the highest calorie burning exercises for extreme fitness, burning between 700-900 calories an hour.

This workout takes a great deal of endurance and strength and is a lot of fun because you can exercise in your bikini!

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