7 Shocking Diet Secrets ...


If it seems like you’ve been trying to lose weight forever, but you’re not having much success, then perhaps someone needs to let you in on a few pointers that go against traditional diet thinking… it’s time someone tells you a few shocking diet secrets!

Look over your shoulder to make sure no one’s sneaking a peek behind you, and I’ll share my shocking diet secrets with you… shh…

1. Diet Soda Will Make You GAIN Weight!

This is truly one of the most shocking diet secrets I’ve ever heard.

According to research by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, people who drink diet soda are actually more likely to GAIN weight, than dieters who don’t.

Isn’t that crazy?

Diet soda is marketed as a smart choice for dieters, but it’s been proven to sabotage your diet, which makes you diet longer, which means you buy more diet soda… hmm… could this be a conspiracy by diet soda makers to get you to keep buying diet soda?3

Unless some whistle-blower comes out with a secret company email, we’ll never know.

Either way, avoid diet soda as much as you avoid regular soda, and you’re much more likely to lose weight.

Carbs Are GOOD for You!
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