How to Avoid 🚫 Weight Gain during the Holidays 🎅🏻 ...


With so many holidays spread across a few months, you will be getting many invites to celebrations and be surrounded by lots of food. In fact with so many celebrations, the average person gains 5 to 10 pounds during the holidays. So choose to be anything but average and get up to burn mega calories and avoid weight gain during the holidays. You will be so glad you did when your pants fits comfortably and you will not see the number on the scale increasing! So follow these tips to side track holiday weight gain!

1. Avoid Soda

That sugary drink is nothing more than mega calories that will cause your waist to thicken. If you choose diet soda, you will find yourself craving more calories, and as a result the scale will tip in the wrong direction. So remember, H2O is most certainly the way to go!

Eat More Greens
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