9 Crazy Weight Loss Fads from around the World ...


We do some funny things to lose weight.

We know it takes commitment, reduced calorie intake and regular exercise to lose weight but it doesn’t stop us hoping for a miracle cure or at least, something that makes it easier.

And those seeking help really do find some very strange ways to shed pounds (or not!).

1. Baby Food Diet

Baby Food Diet

Where else but in Hollywood would adults start substituting baby food for up to three meals a day?

Nutrition experts say that people will obviously lose weight with crazy fad diets like this one, since they are limiting their calorie intake drastically, but they won't have a pleasant eating experience, because baby food has no crunch, taste or fiber, and won't fill you up properly.

Although baby food is pure and high in vitamins, it was, as the name says, designed as appropriate nourishment for babies, not adults.

They will pile on the pounds as soon as they start eating adult-appropriate meals again.

2. Sandwich Diet

Sandwich Diet

For some inexplicable reason, Spanish women believe their bocadillos help them to keep down the weight.2

Replace one meal a day with a single sandwich, which must comprise of nothing but two whole-grain slices of bread and everything that goes into the filling must be stuff that constitutes a proper meal.

No pickles or fries, no chips or dessert!

It's a clever way to control portion sizes and most people love nibbling a tasty sandwich, especially when it's filled with healthy stuff.

3. Werewolf Diet

Werewolf Diet

Also known as the moon diet, this diet doesn't' encourage you to eat your neighbors, no, instead Latin ladies who swear by this say one should eat according to the moon's phases.

Apparently, Demi Moore and Madonna are fans of this concept, which is based on the principle that all things on earth are subjected to gravity.

Since human bodies consist mostly of water and the moon is known to affect water (albeit for oceans, not little old Latin ladies), the gravitational pull of the moon on the water in human bodies should help to detox and lose weight.

Here's how that latter part is supposed to work...the diet plan begins with a 24-hour fast during full moon (you can howl, if you wish), where one presumably sheds some of that weight.

The Fletcherism Diet
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