7 Genius 💡 Ideas for Sunday 📆 to Help You Lose Weight ⚖️ All Week Long ☀️🌛 ...

Did you know that there are simple things you can do on a Sunday that can help you lose weight all week long? Simple things like healthy preparation, removing all temptation from your home, creating a weekly weight loss challenge, making fitness plans, and laying out your workout clothes for the week can help you to get on track. And if you get on track for the week, this will help you to stay motivated to lose weight and have a kick butt workout week!

1. Prep Your Meals

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Prepare your healthy meals on Sunday to be wickedly smart and set yourself up for the week. Cut up veggies, slice up fruit and plan out your week long healthy meals so you will be less likely to fall off the health wagon and you will lose weight all week long!

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