7 Major Reasons Your Smoothies Aren't Working πŸ‹ πŸ€” ...

Smoothies may be a trend but hopefully it is here to stay for a long time because one, they are a great way to get a punch of high nutrition, two, they’re easy to make, three, there are so many variations and four, you can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, supper and a snack. But despite all this, you might still find that you’re not losing weight. So why is this? Where are you going wrong with your smoothies?

1. Your Smoothies Skimp on Fiber

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You're never going to lose weight effectively unless you load your body up with enough fiber. It makes you feel full and prevents hunger pangs. Eating less will always translate into more weight lost. Pick your fruits carefully to increase your fiber intake. Be sure to introduce more fiber-rich foods to your smoothies – you can opt for avocado, kale, berries, pear, kiwi, flax meal. Green smoothies are often healthier than fruit laden alternatives.

2. You Use Unhealthy Smoothie Ingredients

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It's not enough to think that you're enjoying a smoothie so you should naturally lose weight. The ingredients of your smoothies will always matter a lot. If you've been adding ingredients like ice cream, store-bought honey, chocolate syrups, chocolate pudding mix, cheap protein powders, non-organic peanut butter, or cream soda to your blender, you're making smoothies wrong. Instead, opt for healthier ingredients, such as fresh sprouts, high protein powders, hemp seeds, organic honey, oatmeal, medicinal mushroom powders, gelatin, raw nuts, and mineral powders. Learn to power up your smoothies to lose weight.

3. You Skip a Morning Smoothie

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Oh, yes, it's tough to get up early in the morning to make yourself a delicious smoothie, but remember that losing weight is never an easy thing to do. If you just cannot fight yourself, make a large batch of smoothie, freeze it in muffin tins, and re-blend it with juice or milk whenever you feel like eating it. Or chop your ingredients the night before and bag them in the fridge ready for the morning.

4. You Add Too Much Sweetener

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If you're adding extra sweeteners, you're making smoothies wrong. Do you know a tablespoon of maple syrup or honey will contribute more than 60 additional calories? You really don't need to add those extra calories when your smoothie already contains a naturally sweet fruit. You may also be using fruit juice, flavored yogurt, fruits canned with syrup, and sweetened milk to make your smoothies, so there really is no need to add extra sweetener. Your taste buds will take a little time getting used to smoothies with less sweetener, but it will really help you achieve your weight loss goals.

5. Your Smoothies Have Fresh Fruit

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First off, there’s nothing wrong with fresh fruit in your smoothies. But as smoothies go, frozen fruits will always work better than fresh fruits. Instead of using ice, use frozen fruit to make a thick, icy cold drink. It is easy to buy bags of frozen fruit or you can also freeze fresh fruit portions in advance. It’s a matter of convenience and time and if it makes it easier for you to choose a smoothie over a more calorie-laden option, then I’m all for that.

6. You Love All-Fruit Smoothies

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Stop loving it, or forget about losing weight quickly. An all-fruit smoothie with so much fruit juice isn't going to help you achieve your weight loss goals. You need protein, especially if you use a wee bit of yogurt. Be sure to add some peanut butter or almond for a healthier smoothie.

7. You're Drinking It

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Are you bored of smoothies? You’re simply at smoothie saturation mode! Change it up and still continue your weight loss by turning them into a tasty dessert or treat. Rekindle your love for smoothies in two ways. Freeze it in ice pop molds – great for the summer. Or tip it into a bowl and eat it like a soup – well chilled, of course. Fruit soups are actually quite wonderful.

The possibilities for smoothies are endless and they are so brilliant for weight loss. A freshly made smoothie is so much better than any meal replacement shake you can buy as long as you get the balance of ingredients right. What’s your fave combo?

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