There's No 🚫 Such Thing as Bad πŸ‘Ž Foods 🍽 ...


I'm going to tell you why there is no such thing as bad foods. Every person on a weight loss journey has a similar goal: to lose weight. Maybe you want to lose weight for health reasons. Maybe you want to lose weight in order to impress that special someone. Maybe you want to lose weight to fit into that favorite old pair of jeans. Every one of us has a reason. But no matter the reason for the goal, that goal is the same: to lose weight. Dieting companies know about that goalβ€”it's how they make their money off of us! And the main myth they use to steer our money into their wallets is the β€œbad food” myth. Here's why there is no such thing as bad foods.

1. What Are the "Bad" Foods?

In nearly every diet or weight loss gimmick you come across, you will be told that there are certain things for you NOT to eat at any costs. And although it is certainly true that there are some foods you would do best to avoid for health reasons, weight is a completely different ballgame. Picking out what I like to call the main "bad foods" is how companies set up their customers to want to try their spicy new diets. And that's just one of the reasons why there is no such thing as bad foods.

I am sure you have all heard the basic baddies gimmicks like to go after: sugar, bread, and fat. The fact is that people enjoy having a bad guy to blame for their weight failures, so those tend to stay the same. What changes from gimmick to gimmick are the "miracle foods."

Are There Really β€œMiracle” Foods?
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