Why Aren't You Losing Weight when You're Always Working out?

Trying to lose weight and feel like you are trying literally everything without seeing results? Running, walking, intervals, circuit training and every other workout are just monopolizing your time and you are failing to see results. So before you throw in the towel and give up on your goals, let’s analyze your life because I know you can do this. Assess if you are eating too much or possibly not eating enough. Are you exercising regularly and if so is this the right kind of exercise to help you to achieve your goals? And let’s look at your sleep patterns to see if you are sleeping enough. As a trainer for countless lives and your personal coach, let me help you to lose weight from all your efforts in your exercise so you can live the healthy life you deserve!

1. Eating Too Much

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After your workouts you find yourself famished and food becomes your great friend. You savor your meal and look forward to every bite but the bites are far too much. You exercised of intense cardio for one hour today yielding a 700 calorie deficit so an 1100 hamburger is far too much for you to eat if you are trying to lose weight. Keep a food diary and analyze the calories you are consuming!

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