Why Can't You πŸ€” Seem to Lose πŸ—‘ That Belly Fat? 😫 ...

After countless abdominal exercises and a regular schedule at the gym, you are still not losing belly fat. Your body has changed and the number on the scale has even dropped, so why are you not losing the weight around your waist? You look at your diet, your workouts, even your genetics, all in hopes for an explanation. But you are right back where you started, shopping for clothing to camouflage your midsection. Before you throw in the towel and accept you are doomed for to have belly fat, check out my tips to help you whittle your middle. Let me tell you as a personal trainer, mom of three, with a fourth child on the way and your health coach; if I can still have a slim stomach, so can you!

1. Diet

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Before you throw out all the food culprits and go on an extreme diet, add more veggies and fruits to your menus. Stop worrying about what you cannot eat and look at the array of food that you can enjoy. And focus on eating small healthy meals throughout the day to boost your metabolic rate, lose weight and lower your body fat stores. In order to see abdominal definition, you need to lower your body fat!

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