What You Should Remember Whenever You Step on That Scale ...


A lot of people don’t really enjoy measuring their weight since they are overly critical about themselves, and those numbers on the scale often scare and upset them. Even though it’s important to weigh yourself regularly, try to keep a few things in mind while doing this. I’m not saying that you get rid of your scale and never weigh yourself again. Actually, a lot of studies have showed that “individuals who weigh themselves on a consistent basis are better at maintaining their weight loss in the long term”. Make sure that you use your scale properly and with the right mindset. Here is what you should remember whenever you step on that scale:

1. Fat Loss is Not Linear

You should not expect to lose weight every day because fat loss is not linear. During the day, your weight will fluctuate up and down for countless reasons. Also, you can’t predict how much weight you will lose over time because of all those fluctuations, so you shouldn’t trust those online calculators that tell you how much you should weigh by a certain date.

Water Retention
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