75. The Weekend is Not a License to Throw Every Healthy Eating Habit out the Window

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You’ve struggled through kale salads all week, and you have brunch scheduled for both days this weekend, but don’t completely undo all the good you’ve done over the last five days.

Two full days of drinking and eating nothing but pizza, burgers and street meat will leave you with problems that can last far beyond your last Bloody Mary on Sunday afternoon.

Palmitic acid is found in a lot of the fatty foods you may like to consume on the weekend, and leptin is a hormone that aids in appetite regulation.

According to Deborah Clegg, Ph.D., at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center,

We found that within three days, the saturated fat blunts or blocks the ability of leptin to regulate food intake and body weight.

Let your leptin live, people.

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