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9 Weight Loss Benefits of Coffee to Take Advantage of ...

By Heather

Coffee is the most well-loved morning beverage of the day and the weight loss benefits of coffee is only one of the reasons why. Coffee satisfies your soul like no other beverage I can think of. What's better than waking up each day with a piping hot cup of joe in your hand? If you're not a fan, you just might be after you check these weight loss benefits of coffee. Adding just a couple cups to your day can make all the difference in your weight loss goals. Just hold the cream and sugar ladies!

1 Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important enzymatic minerals for your body and is one of the biggest weight loss benefits of coffee. Magnesium helps lower your blood sugar that can lead to insulin resistance. This is one reason why coffee is well-known to fight Type 2 diabetes. Magnesium also helps to fight off fatigue and can help improve your energy throughout the day, helping you burn more calories.

2 Mental Focus

No one makes good decisions when they're foggy-headed and coffee's mental focus benefits are one of the main reasons it can help you lose weight easier. Coffee helps you zone in on things that are of priority, like work, exercise, and choosing healthy foods. It just might help derail you from that bagel and make you go for oatmeal instead!

3 Antioxidants

Antioxidants, especially those found in coffee, tea, and chocolate, have all been found to help reduce body fat and improve your metabolism. Go for organic to reap the most benefits since some commercial brands are sprayed with pesticides that can hinder your efforts.

4 B Vitamins

Coffee is also a surprisingly good source of B vitamins, which comes as no surprise since most beans and legumes are. Coffee beans are rich in Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6. These help improve metabolism and also reduce stress.

5 Zinc

Zinc is an important mineral that's important for healthy hormones levels in the body. It's important for helping your body produce just the right amount of testosterone, which burns fat and decreases aging. Zinc also helps keep your immune system healthy to ward off various types of illness.

6 Manganese

You don't hear too much about manganese but it's an important mineral you need for a healthy metabolism. Coffee, cacao, and chia seeds are excellent sources, so include all three in your day however you can.

7 Chromium

Chromium is a mineral that's helpful for reducing your appetite and lowering your blood sugar. Ever notice you don't crave as many sweets after a cup of coffee? Unless you're eating it with a sugary bagel or you've added refined sugar to your coffee, the chromium in your cup of coffee will help you fight off sugar cravings all day long.

8 Exercise Enhancer

Coffee's caffeine content is great for improving your workout. It can help push you through when you otherwise wouldn't feel like it and can improve the speed at which you workout, helping to raise your heartbeat and burn more calories. Coffee even reduces pain in your body, which might otherwise make you want to quit or not workout at all. Have a cup before your next workout to see what I mean!

9 Reduces Stress

The unique combination of nutrients and phytochemicals found in coffee help reduce stress that cause unhealthy cortisol levels. Unhealthy (or accelerated) levels of cortisol will cause you to gain weight even without other changes to your diet. Just keep it to a couple cups or switch to decaf so you don't get jittery and anxious from all the caffeine.

If you drink coffee, what's your favorite thing about how it makes you feel? Anyone have a favorite brand of coffee they like the best?


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