5 Badass 👊 Ways to Respond 🗯 to Someone Who Says You're Fat ⚖️ ...


I get it! I’m fat or to put it nicely, I have gained some weight over the years. Is that illegal? Should I be jailed for it? No! If you're in the same position, we need some ways to respond when someone calls you fat.

I get it that I’m fat. But what I don’t get is how people love telling me about it. Aren’t they smart enough to know that I’m aware of it or does it just make them feel good that I’m fat?

Here’s a typical scenario. I meet a long lost friend and the first thing he or she notices is my weight gain! Hello! Isn’t it good enough that I’m alive?

Some people can be so clueless, tactless, or just plain stupid for choosing to fat shame other people either face-to-face or online. It’s just so weird that some people would choose to notice the weight rather than the person.

Basically, I’m fed up with people who seem to exhibit anti-fat attitudes. According to shape.com (Shape.com), we should up stand up to them.

So here’s my way of doing it. I have come up with 5 badass ways to respond when someone calls you fat.

1. "Thank You. so Are You."

This happens all the time. I bump into someone after all those years and the first thing that person says is, “You’re sooooo fat!” So what do I do when I hear those words? I thank that person and say the same thing. You know why? Chances are, he or she is a lot fatter than me. The only difference is that I have chosen NOT to say it out loud first. And that's one of the best ways to respond when someone calls you fat.

"Really? I Had No Idea."
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