7 Ways to Relieve Muscle Stiffness ...


7 Ways to Relieve Muscle Stiffness ...
7 Ways to Relieve Muscle Stiffness ...

For most of us just rising out of bed, we begin to feel soreness and muscle stiffness. Evidence shows that stretching will help to ease and may even relieve stiffness and help start your energy for the day! To start your day the pain free way, I am your Certified Personal Trainer with tips that can get help you! Here are 7 ways to relieve muscle stiffness.

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Stretching is Key

Stretching is essential for a balanced and healthy body. And although it is commonly overlooked, stretching helps reduce the risk of injury and relieves muscle stiffness. I also like to include the cobra stretch which stretches out your lower back. To perform this stretch you must lie on your stomach and straighten out your arms, pushing your upper body towards the sky. Finish up with some shoulder rolls and you will be ready to have a great day.


How Old is Your Bed?

To have a restful night to relax your joints, it is helpful to have a bed that is in good condition. Every 7-10 years you should replace your mattress unless it is still in good condition. A good mattress can make the difference in whether you will have a good sleep or wake up with a stiff back. So check the date of purchase and condition of your mattress.


Sleeping Positions Count

Sleep positions usually boil down to preference and what helps you to drift into sleep most easily. Some people love to sleep on their back while others prefer to sleep on their side in the fetal position. However, the best sleep position for reducing aches and pains is to lay on your left side as this increases blood circulation. To avoid stress on your hips and lower back, place a pillow between your legs.


Exercise is Important

By exercising you will increase your circulation and lubricate your joints. After a workout you will feel like a well oiled machine and this will relieve muscle stiffness. So get up and get moving! Exercise at your level. If you are starting out, begin by walking and if you are advanced go for a run, bike ride or whatever works for you. Swimming is a great exercise in relieving joint pain!


Take a Bath before Bed

You can also take a bath before bed to wake up with more energy and less stiffness. This should alleviate some of your aches and pains in the morning and help to give you more energy for the day!


Dim the Lights

Make sure to dim or turn off lights to signal your biological clock. If you set the mood for a restful night it will be much easier to drift into sleep... and good, restful sleep means less muscle stiffness.


Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Try not to stress, since life is too short. And since studies show that most back pain occurs from stress, I want you to enjoy each day. When stress arises, take a deep breath, relax and try to be positive. With this Zen attitude you will relieve muscle stiffness and feel more satisfied mentally.

These tips will help you to lead a less stressful and more restful life and enjoy each day! Now how will you integrate these tips into your everyday life? Maybe you will join an exercise class at lunch?

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Thanks for the useful tips! Definitely need it after work out in gym! :)

This is exactly what I needed! I've been feeling so stiff these past few days that workouts seem to be downright unbearable. Cheers!

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