Ways to Reduce Chubby Cheeks ...


Do you dislike your chubby cheeks? When you call them apple cheeks they sound so cute. Chubby cheeks doesn’t have quite the same reaction – unless you’re a child (and adults everywhere just want to pinch them). Chubby cheeks are also a facial feature that are difficult to disguise or hide with makeup. There are however, some ways you can reduce cheek chubbiness:

1. Hot Towel Treatment

One of the ways to reduce cheek fat is to give yourself a nice relaxing hot towel treatment. The treatment utilizes both steam and contact heat to help to make an immediate impact on your face. This can be done simply and easily by boiling some water, allowing it to cool slightly, soaking a small towel in it and applying it to your face. The heat and steam in from the towel will encourage sweating and stimulate the burning of fat.

Blow Balloons
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