7 Ways to Outsmart Your Hunger Hormones ...

Did you know that your hunger hormones play a big role in whether you crave the apple or the bowl of ice cream? Certain hormones can have you feeling famished and ready to ditch your diet, but don’t throw in the towel just yet. If you hone in on what is really going on inside your body and get in touch with these hormones, you can put up a good fight to win great health and a sexy body! Here are just a few ways to outsmart your hunger hormones so that you can lose weight and achieve the body of your dreams!

1. Get Plenty of Sleep

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Lack of sleep can be causing your hunger hormones to go wild and leave you in a downward spiral with lots of eating, so get to bed early. 7-9 hours a sleep is recommended to help keep your hormones in check and have your body functioning at its best. Catch some extra zzzs tonight!

2. Avoid Salt during Cycle

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During your menstrual cycle you may find yourself craving chips, pizza and other high sodium foods. but answering this craving can make your hunger hormones go haywire causing you to eat out of control. Have some celery sticks with hummus to satisfy your salt craving the natural way, without affecting your hunger hormones.

3. Have Plenty of Complex Carbohydrates

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Keep your hormone levels in balance with the right diet. Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. By choosing healthy food you will have a healthier balance finding yourself with less hunger hormone swings.

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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It is easier said than done when it comes to not stressing, but stress can cause you to have a surge of the hormone cortisol which is attributed to weight gain. Take a deep breath and realize things will look up once you stop looking down. This positive mindset can help eliminate pounds on the scale!

5. Get Daily Exercise

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Ghrelin is an appetite hormone that is at its highest level when you have not eaten in a while. To avoid giving in to this hunger hormone and overeating, get out for a 45 minute workout. Exercise will balance your hunger hormones and actually help you to have fewer unhealthy cravings. Also you look at food differently after a hard workout, knowing the amount of energy you put into exercise often makes that bowl of ice-cream look less appealing.

6. Snack Healthily

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Being a female, estrogen levels dip up and come back down throughout the month with ovulation and menstruation, so hunger hormones can be driving you crazy. Snack on mini healthy meals throughout the day to trick your hunger hormones and you feel satisfied.

7. Relax

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To keep your hunger hormones at bay and ward the cravings away, rest, relax and meditate. If you take just 10 minutes a day to relax, you will find your hormones stay more constant and as a result you will be more likely to make better food choices. So take a deep breath and relax!

Do not let those sneaky hunger hormones sneak up on you and try to sabotage your weight loss. Are you ready to change your life? Then follow those tips and listen to your body.

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