7 Ways to Make Your Exercise Routine More Fun ...


7 Ways to Make Your Exercise Routine More Fun ...
7 Ways to Make Your Exercise Routine More Fun ...

A lot of us hate working out simply because it stops being fun after a while. The key to staying hooked to fitness is to keep trying different things like this list by guest contributor Julian Hooks.

Are you stuck with your usual exercise routine? Are you bored of the monotony? Are you tempted to try out new routines just to keep your adrenaline running? If you answered yes, it’s time to change your fitness plan.

The key to keeping your workout routine exciting is to be flexible and open-minded. Below are some ways you can spice up your workout life.

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Go for Activities You Enjoy

While you are encouraged to try out different things, if you really hate something, say running for example, it just won’t work out for you. But if you stick to an activity that you really enjoy – swimming, biking, dancing, playing sports – then it will be easier and more enjoyable to stay with the program. Once you’ve established the connection, then you can try branching out to different activities.


Pair an Activity with Exercise

The reason why most people find exercise boring is because there’s too much focus on the exercise itself. If you want to have more fun, pair it with another activity you love. Take a yoga class, watch TV while on the treadmill, treat yourself to a cup of coffee after a workout or try outdoor activities such as gardening or playing frisbee. This way, you won't even notice that you’re sweating it out.


Have a Fitness Buddy

There are times when working out with someone else can be exciting. If you have a friend who has similar fitness goals as you, try working out with her. You can even drag your partner to fitness classes and have fun together.


Go to Different Places

Another reason why exercise can become a routine is because you’ve been doing the same workout at the same place. Keep it interesting and look for new places where you can work out. Run in a different neighborhood, swim in a different pool, enroll in classes that are a bit far from your home or work out in another branch in case you have a gym membership. This will keep things exciting and fun.


Make It a Social Activity

Exercise can be a great way to socialize with people. In fact, working out with others can be a good way to motivate yourself to work harder. The best way to do this is by enrolling in fitness classes or joining a sports team.


Go out of Your Comfort Zone

Now that you’ve established your routines, it’s time to try different activities. No matter how much you love a particular activity, you will eventually tire of it. Therefore, try new things outside of your comfort zone. It’s a good way to keep your fitness goals intact while trying to discover new skills.


Record Your Progress

To stay motivated, chart your stats and log in every detail of your exercise activity. You can also include your measurements, how much you've lost and how long you trained. This way, you will be able to see your progress and push yourself to work harder!

Exercise doesn't have to be a burden. By employing these tips, you will surely enjoy working out regularly.How do you change up your fitness routine to avoid boredom?

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