7 Ways to Look Thinner in 24 Hours ...


7 Ways to Look Thinner in 24 Hours ...
7 Ways to Look Thinner in 24 Hours ...

Without a sniff of cabbage soup or weird pills, it is absolutely possible to find ways to look thinner in 24 hours. There are multiple reasons for needing to look slim, pronto. Parties, interviews, dates…all of these things can creep up unexpectedly. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to look thinner in 24 hours.

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Learn Not to Slouch

One of the easiest ways to look thinner in 24 hours is to learn not to slouch. By throwing your shoulders back and sucking in your stomach, you can look taller. When your weight isn’t evenly distributed across your body, you look heavier than you actually are. Before your big event, practice not slouching. Trust me, even if you feel as though you don’t slouch, you probably do!


Maintaining good posture not only slims your silhouette but also enhances your confidence. Incorporate posture-correcting exercises into your routine, like yoga or Pilates, which strengthen core muscles and naturally help you stand taller. Consistent practice can make it second nature, so you’ll effortlessly exhibit that svelte appearance. Remember, every inch of height added by good posture could visually shave off a few pounds. Set reminders throughout the day to check your posture until it becomes habitual, ensuring you're always presenting the best—and thinnest—version of yourself.


Wear the Right Sized Bra

From uni-boobs to quadra-boobs, poor fitting bras can give you the type of uneven bulk that makes you look bigger than you are. Quite a few of us are guilty of wearing the wrong sized bra. Before your big event, head out to a store and get yourself measured. Invest a little time in finding bras of different shapes. After a little persistence, you can find one that caters to your mammaries just perfectly.


Try Spanx

Okay, Spanx ain’t exactly sexy. However, they can smooth you out and knock off a good inch or two from your waist and hips. They save you from sucking in your stomach, which gives you a massive dose of confidence. I highly recommend trying the Spanx tops. Huge Bridget-style pants tend to roll down, which can soon look ridiculous.


Spanx are a great way to instantly slim down your silhouette. They help to flatten the stomach, reduce inches around the waist and hips, and create a more flattering shape. Spanx tops provide an even better fit than regular shapewear, as they won't roll down like huge, baggy pants. Spanx are comfortable and easy to wear and can be found in a variety of sizes and styles. They are also great for special occasions and can help boost your confidence. With Spanx, you can look thinner in just 24 hours!


Go Golden

Tanning instantly makes you look slimmer. It is a great way to elongate your legs, which is fantastic news for when you are wearing a short dress. Now I am not suggesting you hit the sunbeds here. In fact, if you want to age gracefully and avoid skin cancer, you’ll stay well clear of them! Instead, invest in a decent fake tan that will match your skin tone. Unless you are particularly adept at fake tan applications, I’d suggest getting a professional to spray tan you!


Wear Your Hair up

Manipulating the right updo can lead to a taller and slimmer look. A failsafe way to achieve this is to jazz up a ponytail. Pull your hair up, dress it with some sort of band, and let a few strands around your face. This leaves you looking taller and thinner. The same effect isn’t experienced with buns and the like, so stick with a ponytail.



When you retain water and bloat even just a little, you can look as much as 10 pounds heavier. I once read somewhere that you need to lose 10 pounds to drop a dress size. Therefore, if you can de-bloat before an event, you can look a dress size smaller! So how do you achieve this actually? Ditch anything gaseous, cut back on salt, and drink water like the world’s about to run dry. You’ll be peeing for your country, but you will banish that bloat and look thinner as a result.


Reducing bloat is not just about avoiding fizzy drinks; it's also about choosing the right foods. Opt for potassium-rich bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes, which can help balance sodium levels. And don't forget fiber; it's your gut's best friend and keeps things moving smoothly. Just make sure to increase your intake gradually, as too much too fast can have the opposite effect. Also, try herbal teas like peppermint or ginger to soothe your stomach. Lastly, a short walk can stimulate digestion and reduce that puffy feeling. Follow these tips, and you'll be slipping into your sleek outfit with ease.


Throw in a Few Toning Exercises

Toning exercises are never futile, even when you have just 24 hours to go. Tracy Anderson’s 24 hour toning program is a great way to firm your stomach up. It’s often our stomachs that leave us feeling large, which is why crunching your way through an hour or so can help you look and feel slimmer. To make your exercises more effective, use hand weights or a kettle bell. Also, don’t stop at 24 hours, keep up with your new exercises for good measure!

Okay, so there is an eighth tip I need to throw in: look confident. When you are feeling under confident, you never look your best. When you can stand there, smile, and have a laugh, you will naturally look fantastic. If you have any rapid slim down tips, what are they?

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