7 Ways to Find Time to Exercise and Stop Making Excuses ...


7 Ways to Find Time to Exercise and Stop Making Excuses ...
7 Ways to Find Time to Exercise and Stop Making Excuses ...

As a super busy mom of three and business owner, I know there are ways to find time to exercise. Even after numerous personal training clients throughout the day and changing diapers in between, I still manage to find time to get my own personal workouts in. If I can do it, so can you. It is all about managing your time and setting your priorities. If you prioritize your workouts you will get your fitness time in. You may be shaking your head saying there is no way with your busy schedule, so let me share the ways to find time to exercise:

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Schedule a Daily Ten

Not everyone can find a one hour block of time that they are free or non-distracted, so why not schedule several ten minute workouts. A recent Norwegian study reflected that three ten minute workouts was just as good as one thirty minute fitness session. Your workout should still consist of bouts of cardio and strength training for optimal results. Here is a great ten minute workout: foxnews.com that will help you find the ways to find time to exercise.


Rise Early

If it is a challenge for you to find time to work out, why not rise earlier to get your workout in? It is easy to be busy at night but almost impossible to be busy at 5am, so get your workout in bright and early. I have found one of the biggest transitions to having a third baby is if I do not get my workout in at the crack of dawn, it does not happen. Do not let your busy day get in the way of your health and rise early to get your exercise in.


Utilize Your Lunch Break as Fitness Time

Have thirty minutes or an hour break to grab some lunch? Utilize this time for your fitness session. A sandwich tastes much better after an extreme fitness session. You can use your work gym or get out in the great outdoors for a run!


Exercise Right after Work

Exercise right after work before you lose your motivation. This means you just change into your fitness clothes after work and either drive to where you plan on working out or exercise at your work gym. If you do not exercise right away you may lose the motivation and energy to get up and get going.


Exercise with Your Friends or Boyfriend

Bring along your friends or significant other for a workout. This is a great way for people that are tight on time to manage a social session while getting their workout in. The most successful people in life are great at multitasking, and you can do the same.


Schedule Your Workouts

Make a weekly workout schedule that you can stick with. If you only have time for 40 minutes a day that that is fine, but make sure you schedule a weekly workout that you will stick to.


Exercise as Transportation to Work

Only work a few miles from work? Then ride your bike or jog to work. You can always utilize the showers when you get there. What a great way to save on money, save the earth and get in shape, all at the same time!

As you see, there are many ways that you can find time to exercise if you make this a priority. There is nothing you cannot do if you make this your focus. When will you exercise and will you make this a daily priority?

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I love this article and i also find it so much better to get up at 4-45am and workout for an hour so i have no excuse in the day.

Going before a late shift works and I'm planning to put in a 5-10 min work out each morning as waking up early for working out would leave me sleep deprived and worsen my shift working jet lag. I cycle to and from work, but I need to be fitter in order to manage my ADHD, hyper mobility and asthma.

Thanks a ton Tara. I always enjoy reading your posts. They make so much sense. I needed this post so much right now. I have been making excuses quite often and bunking my workout sessions at the gym. Will push myself now.

Perfect for me

I love your posts

I am finding it really challenging to get round to working out on my irregular work schedule!!

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