7 Ways to Find Time to Exercise and Stop Making Excuses ...


As a super busy mom of three and business owner, I know there are ways to find time to exercise. Even after numerous personal training clients throughout the day and changing diapers in between, I still manage to find time to get my own personal workouts in. If I can do it, so can you. It is all about managing your time and setting your priorities. If you prioritize your workouts you will get your fitness time in. You may be shaking your head saying there is no way with your busy schedule, so let me share the ways to find time to exercise:

1. Schedule a Daily Ten

Not everyone can find a one hour block of time that they are free or non-distracted, so why not schedule several ten minute workouts. A recent Norwegian study reflected that three ten minute workouts was just as good as one thirty minute fitness session. Your workout should still consist of bouts of cardio and strength training for optimal results. Here is a great ten minute workout: foxnews.com that will help you find the ways to find time to exercise.

Rise Early
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