7 Ways to Feel Confident in Your Bikini ...


As you count down the days to your vacation, you may be exercising and dieting hard so you can feel confident in your bikini. There is nothing better than walking around in your bikini proud of your toned and sculpted body. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey, less than 20% of women feel confident in their bathing suits. Most of the insecure women feel like they are being judged and scrutinized by other women. This is the sad truth, but you can do something about this if you follow my tips so I can help you to feel confident in your bikini this summer!

1. Ignore the Other Eyes That You Think Are Staring at You

Okay, you may think there are a thousand eyes on you as you enter the pool area or the beach wearing your teeny bikini. But guess what, this is usually all in your head. Most people couldn't care less what bikini you are wearing, so stop feeling self conscious. Do not be intimidated, but walk with confidence. Usually, if and when people are staring at you, it is because they are in awe, not disgust. Keep your head up and be confident in your bikini. Confidence will make you look even more beautiful! So embrace yourself!

Wear the Bikini That is Right for Your Curves
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