5 Ways to Diet ⚖️ without 🙅 Annoying 😒 Your Friends ...


Are you dieting? If you are, then good for you. It takes 100% commitment and dedication to diet. For you to go for it, speaks so well of you. However, if you're out and about with your besties, you need some ways to diet without annoying your friends. Please don’t be the type of dieter that’s really irritating to be around with.

A post on Thrillist.com shows five types of annoying dieters. Truth be told, there are more than just five annoying dieters. The point is, don’t be like them. You just want to lose weight, not friends, right?

So as a committed and dedicated dieter, you might want to know more about these non-irritating ways to diet. After all, you wouldn’t want to get on anyone’s nerves. Here are the best ways to diet without annoying your friends.

1. Always Bring Your Own Food

You have to be responsible for own food and bringing it yourself is one of the top ways to diet without annoying your friends. You know what you need to eat. If you have decided to skimp on the carbs and the meats, then that’s your own choice. Just keep in mind that the whole world will not change for you. Just because you made such a choice, doesn’t mean everybody else has to follow.

So when you show up for a party, don’t expect the menu to be tailored to your diet because, you know what? It won’t be. The best thing you can do is to bring your own food. That way you won’t annoy the host. The last thing a host should have to do is to prepare a last minute menu for you.

Make Sure to Eat before Showing up
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