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Looking for ways to cut carbs after lunch and slim down? As a certified trainer changing countless lives I have used this tactic to help countless clients to slim down and lose weight. If you are looking to aggressively lose weight, you should start doing this today. One of the problems of eating excessive carbohydrates later in the day is that as the day progresses your body becomes less resistant to insulin, causing you to be more likely to store carbs as fat. To combat this, skim some carbs off after lunch with these ways to cut carbs.

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Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast

If you start your day off with lean protein like several egg whites and an apple, you will find yourself feeling less hungry throughout the day. Protein is the best way to start the day and it can affect your meal selection later in the day, causing you to crave less carbs. Because of the effects it has on your cravings, having a healthy breakfast is one of the ways to cut carbs out later in the day.


Eat Sliced Veggies

Craving a late night snack while watching your favorite show? You do not have to give up all your night eating but swap your bowl of popcorn for some slice veggies. This small swap can help you lose ten pounds in a year and it is well worth it!


Drink More Water

If you drink more water all day long, you will find yourself feeling better and actually eating less food. You cravings for carbs will be diminished and you will notice your stomach feeling less bloated. So how much water is enough? Aim for 8-12 glasses of water daily and zest it up with a slice of lemon or lime!


Exercise Earlier

If you exercise earlier in the day, you will crave fewer carbohydrates later at night. I try to exercise first thing in the morning every day but all the days I exercise in the evening I amazed at the strong carb cravings that I have. So try to get your workout in nice and early to help you slim down!


Eat Less Bread

Since you are not doing a fad diet and looking for a lifestyle change, do not worry about cutting out bread entirely but do eat less. Have a slice of bread with your meal, not a bread basket, and this cut back will help you lose weight and win your confidence back!


Wrap Your Poultry in Lettuce Wraps

Looking forward to a chicken sandwich for an easy Friday dinner? Skip the sandwich bread and opt for lettuce. This will save you calories, carbs and give you more energy! This is an easy way to cut out carbs while barely trying.


Never Allow Yourself to Be Famished

You should eat every 2-3 hours to stabilize your blood sugar and avoid craving carbohydrates to refuel. This will prevent extreme cravings and keep you from polishing off a bag of chips. Remember little changes like eating frequently add up to make a big difference.

With these simple ways to cut out carbs, it is a wonder why you have been over indulging in frustration? If you go to bed feeling satisfied but not overstuffed, you will wake up feeling even stronger. So watch your carbs, and your waistline and you will be wowed with great results that you earned.

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