7 Ways Playing Sports Builds Your Confidence ...


7 Ways Playing Sports Builds Your Confidence ...
7 Ways Playing Sports Builds Your Confidence ...

Let me tell you the ways playing sports builds your confidence, because as an athlete for as long as I can remember, sports have helped me to become the confident woman I am today. So thank you, sports! Playing sports will help you will make new friends, learn to be competitive, and you will learn lifelong skills that show sometimes in life you win and sometimes you lose. You also learn in sports that everything's okay as long as you try your best. Here are the ways playing sports builds your confidence.

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Playing Sports Will Help You to Make New Friends

This is my number one reason playing sports builds your confidence because I have amazing friends that I played sports with from childhood that I still am friends with today. How great is it to get a workout in while making new friends? This is definitely a confidence booster!


You Will Learn That Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose

There are many games where you may finish last, and you will learn that is okay. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but all that is important is if you try your best. If your best just so happens to make you win every time, that's great... but if not, that's okay too!


You Will Learn to Manage Your Time Better

Whether you play soccer, basketball, track, lacrosse or another sport, playing sports takes a significant amount of time. By playing sports you do learn to manage and balance your time more effectively. This goes along with the saying, "if you want to have a task completed give it to the busiest of person, and it will be done." So true!


You Will Become Stronger

By participating in sports you will gain more strength. There is nothing better than having the strength and endurance to go for a run, play an hour long game of tennis, or go for a long hike, and sports will help you build this strength. By gaining strength your confidence will build as well. And you will also have more energy.


You Will Think More Effectively

Studies show that by participating in sports you will find you can think more clearly and more effectively. This often translates into better grades at school and better performance at work. But these grades are a result of studying too, so make sure you crack your books and read up.


You Will Have Better Skin

There is nothing like a good sweat for the skin. It is healthy to release your body toxins and sweat it out. I call this my daily facial! So make sure you get a good workout with your heart rate elevated so that you can sweat it all out!


Your Body Will Change

Because playing sports does burn a significant amount of calories your body will change as a result. As a track and cross country star I noticed my clothes getting looser, my glutes getting tighter and my abs leaner. Now as a mom of three, I still want to scream yippee when I look at my toned abs! So yes, sports do build confidence! And I can attribute this all to playing sports and eating clean. So you can have this extra confidence of your body as well!

Playing sports will change your life in so many great ways and you will feel amazing. Are you on a sports club or team and if so has this helped build your confidence?

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