7 Ways for New Moms to Work out ...


7 Ways for New Moms to Work out ...
7 Ways for New Moms to Work out ...

As a personal trainer and mom of 3, I know the many ways for new moms to work out, because I have lived this, and helped my clients to live to this as well. It can be a challenge finding time without baby, and when you are alone, getting the motivation to exercise - but it is possible and totally worth it. By exercising you will shed baby weight, increase your energy and decrease your likelihood of postpartum depression. And there are plenty of motivating ways for new moms to work out and I will share these with you. Let's go!

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Running with a Stroller

By bringing the baby with you and running with a stroller you will get your workout in without the separation anxiety of leaving your child. And stroller workouts are great because they are challenging. You run with the weight of own body-weight and pushing the weight of your child in the stroller. Is this one of the best ways for new moms to work out since you can tote the little one with you? Well I have more possibilities.


Stroller Workouts Work

Not quite ready or trained to run pushing a stroller with your one in it just yet? Then try doing your own stroller workout routine with stroller lunges, stroller squats and even stroller leg lifts. If you are uncertain in where to begin, look at the supply of stroller videos that are online, in the libraries, and at stores. This is a great beginner workout that you must try!


"Mom and Me" Classes Are an Option

"Mom and me" classes are always a great option for new moms because again you can get a workout in without leaving your new best pal. Many local gyms have classes that offer yoga, cardio and strength varieties. Find what works best with your fitness level.


Just Dance

I love this as an option because you can do this with an online Wii program or fitness video, and this is a great workout for beginners and so much fun! New moms, if you like to dance you will have a blast dancing, and you can do this with your little one in your arms or while they are napping!


Hula Hooping

Swaying your hips with the childlike hula hoop is timeless fun! Hula hooping is a great abdominal workout for new moms and you can showcase your talent to your little one. You are bound to keep your baby entertained as you hula hoop and this is a great way to ease back into exercise!


Body Weight Exercises

I enjoy body weight exercises like the push up, squat and leg raises to help new moms ease back into exercise and help them to regain muscle tone. When you are pregnant your body secretes the hormone relaxin which pretty much makes your body go soft... but have no fear; you can regain your tone quickly with body weight exercises. With dedication you will be back to pre baby shape in no time!


Core Strengthening Exercises

Last on my list for new mom workouts is core strengthening workouts. The number one exercise and the best one to begin with is the push up side plank. The plank and the push up are my top core strengthening exercises so combined they really work! Do a push-up with legs straight or on knees. Rotate to the left so feet and hips are stacked. Raise left arm for a breath. Lower arm; return to starting position. Repeat on other side. Repeat for a total of 10 and work your way up to 3 sets.

These workouts will challenge new moms and help you to get back into pre baby shape and feel great! You will also teach your little one healthy habits to follow one day. What are your goals as you begin your workout program postpartum?

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Wait... They have stroller workout videos?!

@ana at the very least 6 weeks.

How soon should I start excersing after giving birth???

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