7 Ways for New Moms to Work out ...


As a personal trainer and mom of 3, I know the many ways for new moms to work out, because I have lived this, and helped my clients to live to this as well. It can be a challenge finding time without baby, and when you are alone, getting the motivation to exercise - but it is possible and totally worth it. By exercising you will shed baby weight, increase your energy and decrease your likelihood of postpartum depression. And there are plenty of motivating ways for new moms to work out and I will share these with you. Let's go!

1. Running with a Stroller

By bringing the baby with you and running with a stroller you will get your workout in without the separation anxiety of leaving your child. And stroller workouts are great because they are challenging. You run with the weight of own body-weight and pushing the weight of your child in the stroller. Is this one of the best ways for new moms to work out since you can tote the little one with you? Well I have more possibilities.

Stroller Workouts Work
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