7 Ways College Students Can Lose the Freshman 15 ...


7 Ways College Students Can Lose the Freshman 15 ...
7 Ways College Students Can Lose the Freshman 15 ...

Okay, so you are finally adjusted to college life, but with that you have gained some weight, so how can you lose the freshman 15? The freshman 15 is the amount of weight that many college students gain when they head off to school. This weight gain can vary but studies show most students gain between 10 -20 pounds, with 15 pounds being the average. Hopefully, this is not you, but if so let me help you with these tips to lose weight and get back on track to lose the freshman 15.

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Join Your Favorite Sports Club

I ran on a cross country scholarship in college and the pressure of running and time exercising definitely kept me in shape, but it was also very time consuming. Not on a team or the pressure is not for you? Why not join the club version of your favorite sport so you can lose the freshman 15? There are many clubs for sports like field hockey, basketball, softball and even track so join the club and burn mega calories while having fun with your new athletic friends!


Make a Daily Exercise Plan

It may not be easy to set a scheduled plan with your busy college life, but a schedule will help you to lose weight and stay on course for success. Make sure your studies come first, of course, and make sure you squeeze in a workout to break up your studying! Or multitask and run while you listen to a course lecture. Just make sure to record your classes so you will be prepared for your next workout!


Take the Stairs

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a group of people wait for the sluggish elevator for 5 minutes rather than burning some calories and taking the stairs. And I only wish that they learn that small changes can make a big difference! Be a pioneer in fitness at your university and sprint the stairs to your next class. Just think: if you take the stairs and move quickly to your next class, you will burn calories and work towards your weight loss goal!


Eat Your Greens

I know you are probably tired of hearing "eat your greens" since you have heard this, probably from your mother, since you were a child, but eating your greens works! If you eat your greens and fill up at your university salad bar, you will eat a third less and you will increase your immune system. Aim for 5 servings a day to lose your freshman 15 goal!


Drink Water

Make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water to eliminate bloating, suppress your appetite in between meals, and to fill you up, so you avoid mindless eating! That mindless eating may be what causes most of us to gain that freshman 15.


Limit or Eliminate Alcohol

I know eliminating alcohol is pretty hard on a college campus and I totally get it. If you are on a sport scholarship it is easier to avoid alcohol because of curfews, grade requirements and athletic goals. Sport scholarships can help you stay on the right path. But if you do like the occasional drink be smart, safe and remember alcohol can add mega pounds... just saying!


Make Weekend Time Active Time

How much fun would it be on a Friday to go out with your roommates bowling? You can have a great time and stay active. If you are not up for bowling, head to the ocean for the weekend and get some surfing lessons. Surfing is a great core and upper body workout and it is sexy! Whatever you choose to do make weekend time active time so you can lose the freshman 15!

Now that you have read all my tips on how to lose the freshman 15, make sure you work hard and prioritize your health so you will lose weight the healthy way! How will you use my tips to change your attitude towards food and fitness?

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What's the reality after finishing college/university?

I'm a freshman of architecture faculty and I really wish I have a time for taking care of myself.

I gained about 13 pounds my freshman year and lost it all by the end of my sophomore year. What really helped me was constantly drinking water (to me it's the simplest way to detox) and planning out meals sorta. I knew what kind of foods I could order from each eatery on campus that was in a resonance calorie range, buying my own foods to make meals sometimes (especially breakfast since its so easy), and getting into the habit of exercising. It'll take time but I was able to lose the weight by being consistent.

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