7 Ways College Students Can Lose the Freshman 15 ...


Okay, so you are finally adjusted to college life, but with that you have gained some weight, so how can you lose the freshman 15? The freshman 15 is the amount of weight that many college students gain when they head off to school. This weight gain can vary but studies show most students gain between 10 -20 pounds, with 15 pounds being the average. Hopefully, this is not you, but if so let me help you with these tips to lose weight and get back on track to lose the freshman 15.

1. Join Your Favorite Sports Club

I ran on a cross country scholarship in college and the pressure of running and time exercising definitely kept me in shape, but it was also very time consuming. Not on a team or the pressure is not for you? Why not join the club version of your favorite sport so you can lose the freshman 15? There are many clubs for sports like field hockey, basketball, softball and even track so join the club and burn mega calories while having fun with your new athletic friends!

Make a Daily Exercise Plan
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