7 Unexpected Health Tricks That Work ...

Want to know the unexpected health tricks that can help you achieve results? We would all love weight loss to come easy but let’s face it, that descending number on the scale takes work. But how would you like to earn great results by making simple changes? And if you make small changes, these all add up to make a tremendous difference. Tricks like breaking up your workout, eating a bigger breakfast and getting back to basics can have you at your goal weight in no time. So seize the day with these health tricks and let’s get working!

1. Make Breakfast Your Biggest Meal

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One of the best health tricks is to start your day with the biggest meal of the day, breakfast. If you make the first meal the largest and eat smaller meals as the day goes on, you will lose weight. Follow as the saying goes, eat dinner like a beggar to boost your weight loss!

2. Break It up

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To boost your metabolism and make the most out of your limited time, break up your workouts into several mini sessions. 3 minute calorie torching sessions can rev your metabolic rate and help you lose weight.

3. Live in Blue

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Studies show that the color blue is an appetite suppressant, so surround yourself with blue and drop some pounds. So don’t be blue, live in blue and make sure you have blue walls or at least blue accents to decrease your hunger and lose pounds!

4. Brighten Those Lights

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Dimming the kitchen lights for a romantic dinner with your love? Well think again because dimly lit rooms can spark your hunger and cause you to eat more. No wonder why restaurants dim their lights! So make your rooms well lit and be fully aware of what and how much you are eating!

5. Always Have Snacks on Hand

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One of the biggest downfalls to those looking to lose weight is the unknown, so be prepared to avoid the curve balls. If you cut up fruit and veggies and bring them on the go, you will avoid sabotaging your diet. And if hunger strikes while you on the road, you can choose from one of your healthy homemade treats rather than a fast food option. If you fail you plan, you plan to fail; so be prepared!

6. Brush Teeth after Dinner

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Before you start preparing a post dinner snack, brush your teeth and get to bed. We often eat out of boredom, rather than hunger. So brush your teeth and get to bed before you get confused and start mindlessly noshing.

7. Get Back to Basics

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Forget the latest diet trend that falsely promises losing weight in a speedy timeline. For real lifelong results, get back to the basics. Eat healthy, monitor your portion sizes, drink water and exercise. All you have to do is adopt a healthier lifestyle. By making lifestyle changes, you will lose weight, better your health and avoid the roller coaster of dieting! If you follow this, I can promise you that your results will be anything but basic!

With these unexpected diet tricks, are you ready to start putting them to the test? Perfect! Well then get moving, eating healthy and going after your dream body! Stop wishing and start doing, you deserve to achieve amazing results!

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