These Delicious πŸ˜‹ Foods Are Less than ⏬ 50 Calories!

Sometimes you just want a small snack to cut your cravings and hold you over to your next meal. I know I have this feeling often a few hours before dinner. But I do not want to over indulge so calories are important too. If you are like me, then you should certainly try these 7 foods that are under 50 calories. These snacks include fruit, veggies and more. And these foods can help to satisfy your snack attack without guilt. So check out these guilt free small snacks to keep you smiling and satisfying!

1. Cauliflower

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For 3 calories in one floret of cauliflower, you can enjoy a small veggie snack! These crunchy veggies are loaded with belly-filling fiber. And if you're ever craving the creamy taste of mashed potatoes but don’t want the fat and calories, try blending your cauliflower up and adding skim milk to make mashed cauliflower!

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