These Delicious Foods Are Less than 50 Calories


Sometimes you just want a small snack to cut your cravings and hold you over to your next meal. I know I have this feeling often a few hours before dinner. But I do not want to over indulge so calories are important too. If you are like me, then you should certainly try these 7 foods that are under 50 calories. These snacks include fruit, veggies and more. And these foods can help to satisfy your snack attack without guilt. So check out these guilt free small snacks to keep you smiling and satisfying!

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Cauliflower For 3 calories in one floret of cauliflower, you can enjoy a small veggie snack! These crunchy veggies are loaded with belly-filling fiber. And if you're ever craving the creamy taste of mashed potatoes but don’t want the fat and calories, try blending your cauliflower up and adding skim milk to make mashed cauliflower!



Strawberry For just 4 calories each strawberry, you can enjoy some major health benefits! According to researchers at the University of Warwick, snacking on this super refreshing treat can help prevent heart disease and diabetes. You can also create a healthy smoothie with strawberries as the major ingredient. Strawberries add quite a bit of flavor for very few calories, the mark of all the best foods for weight loss.



Spinach With just 7 calories in one cup of fresh spinach, this nutrition powerhouse rocks! Thanks to Popeye's bulging biceps, this leafy green is best known for its ability for muscle regrowth. But spinach is also a rich source of omega-3s and folate, which help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and osteoporosis. For optimal nutritional benefits, aim for 1 cup fresh spinach or 1/2 cup cooked per day.



Pickle For just 8 calories in one pickle, this snack is a guilt free way to satisfy your salt craving. And it's super easy to make your own: thinly slice cucumbers and douse them in rice vinegar. And that is all you have to do! Cucumbers only have 16 calories per cup and the rice vinegar only adds 1 calorie per teaspoon but loads of flavor.



Broccoli For just 13 calories in one floret of broccoli, you can enjoy a veggie loaded with fiber! You know broccoli is super healthy because it's low in calories and loaded with calcium. Another reason to love the fibrous veggie? It helps fight cancer!


Egg White

Egg White The question of having the whole egg or egg white has been a constant concern on cholesterol. However, one thing is fact: One egg white has just 20 calories. And with the amount of protein it provides, it's a great way fuel your way to weight loss.



Plum One plum is just 27 calories and packed with anti-obesity properties to help you slim down and shape up. Plums contain compounds that work in your cells to fight disease. And the sweet and bitter taste is delicious. At just 27 calories each, it's a super snack!



Frutas Y Verduras, food, fruit, melon, plant, Since watermelon is mainly water it's no wonder this delicious fruit is low in calories. In fact, one cup cubed watermelon is only 48 calories. That's enough to fill you up between meals AND gives you your water fill in ways other than just drinking a glass here and there.



food, fruit, plant, kiwifruit, produce, Kiwi is a wonder fruit in so many ways! For example, eating two kiwis two hours before bed is known to help you sleep quicker and better. Added bonus: one kiwi is only 47 calories so you're snacking on less than 100 calories and improving your sleep quality.



dish, food, breakfast, produce, meal, Although many don't like the thought of this fermented cabbage dish, 1 cup of sauerkraut is only 46 calories, it delivers healthy bacteria to your gut for long term weight loss, fills you up with less calories, and is high in fiber. Might be worth it to start eating this dish.

With all these slimming snacks for under 50 calories, it is easy to make healthy choices if you set your mind to it!

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I just had a pickle last night glad it doesn't have many calories ;-)

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