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Try the Famous Japanese Method to Shrink Your Waist and Improve Your Posture ...

By Lisa

Do you want to discover a way to not only lose weight but also have great posture? Thought so! I was really intrigued when I heard about this because it sounds way too good to be true and it just takes a few minutes a few times a week to see and keep up the results.

Dr. Toshiki Fukutsuji, a well-known physician and best-selling author in Japan, has long worked with individuals with bad posture and came up with a method that not only improves your posture by working your pelvis, but also helps shape your physique.
All you need to get started is a bath towel and some string. Start by folding the towel in half and then in half once more. Next, tightly roll the towel up and secure it with the string so it stays tightly rolled. Now, lie down on a flat surface and place the towel at the height of your navel. The next steps are important so make sure you don’t forget these steps! While you’re lying down on top of the towel, make sure your toes are pointed toward one another. You’ll also want to make sure that you raise your arms above your head with the palms down and pinkies touching one another.
Hold this position for five minutes. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Aim to do this about three times a week to see a difference in your posture and shape. Will you try out this pelvic exercise? It’s fairly easy to do and doesn’t really cost any money so I definitely plan on trying it out! If you have musculoskeletal issues, please be sure to check with your physician before trying this out.

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