Top 10 Songs to Workout to ...


Top 10 Songs to Workout to ...
Top 10 Songs to Workout to ...

For the top 10 songs to workout to, I have decided to share what is currently on my playlist. I have designed my playlist so that each song coordinates with a specific exercise. Neat right? Because these songs are fast tempo, they definitely make the workout go by a little faster. I also chose these songs to workout to because the lyrics in almost every one have to do with motivation, inspiration, and encouragement. Try putting your workout playlist on shuffle mode everytime you hit the gym to mix things up a bit... Oh, and make sure you stretch first!

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Move Your Body by Eiffel 65

Great for: Warm Up/ Jog

This always seems to be one of the best songs to workout to. I mean, just look at the song title! It is an oldie, but it is still pretty darn catchy. It always pumps me up and gets me motivated.


Beam Me up by Cazzette

Great for: Squats

This is a great song because it is super catchy and helps you keep a good pace. I love that it constantly says "don’t look down" and "don’t stop now" because it helps you keep your form, and keeps you going! Holding your head up during squats helps your posture and helps you get the most oxygen as opposed to looking down… Bet you didn’t think a song could do so much, huh?


WOW (JRMX Remix) by Inna

Great for: Elliptical

Talk about motivation! This song keeps me moving with its beat and lyrics, and makes me wish I had a body as amazing as Inna's. I am always singing along to this one and I love the fun, upbeat tone of the song.


Go Home by (Feat. Mick Jagger & Wolfgang Gartner)

Great for: Sit-ups or crunches

What’s a better motivation than the good ol’ "go hard, or go home" mentality? I love this song because it has the perfect beat to help you keep pace for your sit-ups. I usually do as many reps as I can before the song finishes. It’s okay to take a little break in between, but don’t quit - get right back right into it!


Diamonds (Steven Redant Festival Mix) by Rihanna

Great for: Arms

I use a universal machine for my arms, and this song is perfect for them. I do them in counts of two in sync with the beat. Doing it this way gives you are great burn, and doesn’t strain your arm muscles. I usually use a lower weight setting as opposed to a higher one, but I do more reps. But hey, the burn creeps up on you really quick, you’ll see.


Breathing by Jason DeRulo

Great for: Side Crunches/Lunges

This song is very catchy and makes me want to get up and dance around the room. I do that every once in a while, but usually I stick to side crunches. Although it isn’t very workout encouraging, it simply reminds me to focus on my breathing (which is important, especially if you have Asthma like I do).


Call on Me by Eric Prydz

Great for: Warm up/Stationary Bike

This is another oldie, but goodie workout song. Pedal to the beat of this song while on a medium/high gear. You will get a great burn in your legs that lets you know you’re getting a good workout.


Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) by Kid Cudi

Great for: Elliptical

You probably recognize this song if you’ve seen Project X, and it is an awesome workout song. I can’t help but sing along when it plays, and the amazing techno part makes me work that much harder.


Promises by Nero

Great for: Running

This is perfect running song, and although the song itself isn’t really that motivational or encouraging, the title is. Think about all the things you have promised to yourself after you lose your unwanted pounds, and use those as encouragement instead.


Bulletproof (Dave Aude's Cherry Mix) by La Roux

Great for: Jump Rope/Lunges

If you use a jump rope in your workout, you have to have this song on your playlist. It has a great tempo and has an awesome sound. Dave Aude is a remix genius, and this is one that is sure to get stuck in your head. This is another one that isn’t exactly the best motivational song, but it is still amazing and great for a workout.

So there you have it, girls. Give these songs a listen, and tell me what you think! I know everyone has different music they like to listen to, so I understand if these fast paced songs aren’t for you. So I’m curious to know what songs you are favoring at the moment. What’s on YOUR workout playlist?

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I haven't heard move your body in years!

Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO

Boxing/Running: Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless

What about Harder Better Faster Stronger by Draft Punk? I love that song!!!

Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia!

Any Pitbull songs

Love beam me up!! Bt wow remix isnt dat great...

I always listen to Good Feeling by Flo Rida when I run.

Promises <3

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