Top 10 Songs to Workout to ...


For the top 10 songs to workout to, I have decided to share what is currently on my playlist. I have designed my playlist so that each song coordinates with a specific exercise. Neat right? Because these songs are fast tempo, they definitely make the workout go by a little faster. I also chose these songs to workout to because the lyrics in almost every one have to do with motivation, inspiration, and encouragement. Try putting your workout playlist on shuffle mode everytime you hit the gym to mix things up a bit... Oh, and make sure you stretch first!

1. Move Your Body by Eiffel 65

Great for: Warm Up/ Jog

This always seems to be one of the best songs to workout to. I mean, just look at the song title! It is an oldie, but it is still pretty darn catchy. It always pumps me up and gets me motivated.

Beam Me up by Cazzette
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