7 Top Exercises πŸ’ͺ🏼 to Whip You Back in Shape for Girls Who Put on Weight πŸ˜– after Thanksgiving πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ ...


As you stare at the higher number on the scale, it can be discouraging. Ouch! How in the world could you have gained 5 pounds from your Thanksgiving festivities? Breaded stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, veggie casserole, pumpkin pie and decadent delights can tip the scale and leave you feeling stuffed. Being social does not have to be so fattening but we often get carried away with our portion control without even realizing it. But this doesn’t mean it is time to throw in the towel and give up for good. If you follow these top exercises that will whip you back into shape after Thanksgiving you will lose weight and get back to feeling your best!

1. Running

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Pump those arms and lift your legs while you go the distance for a really great run! Running is one of the highest calorie burning workouts and it is a super-effective way to destress. If the scale is reading higher than your normal weight from your Thanksgiving feast, it is definitely time for you to run and whip your body into shape!

Jumping Rope
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