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7 Tips on How to Dress Smart While Losing Weight That Won't Break the Bank ...

By Heather

Losing weight might help reduce your waistline, but it can also mean having to buy a new wardrobe, so keep these tips in mind for how to dress while you’re losing weight and save money too. You want your clothes to be form fitting at all times for the best figure enhancement, which can be tough while you're losing weight and constantly changing sizes. If you’re struggling between a tight budget and buying new clothes while dieting, I hope these tips for how to dress while you’re losing weight might help. Shopping for new clothes is one of the best treats to give yourself as a result of weight loss, so enjoy your new wardrobe and slimmer waistline with these friendly tips!

1 Start with What You Have

One of the best ways for how to dress while you’re losing weight is to start with what you have on hand. It probably isn’t necessary to go out and buy all new clothes at one time. Start with what you have that might work. For instance, items like scarves, belts and even some jackets and sweaters can be worn throughout a diet, up to 20 pounds of weight loss. If you’re losing more than that, you might need to buy new items, but try to use what you have to get the most of your money.

2 Don’t Buy Everything at Once

If you lose 15 pounds, good for you! But don’t go out and buy 5 new pairs of jeans. Just buy 2 for now. If you lose more weight later, you won’t have all these excess pants that don’t fit. If you don’t lose more weight over the course of several months, then feel free to go buy more of that size, however if you do lose more, you’ll likely have to buy jeans all over again. Wait to restock your wardrobe to full capacity during weight loss, until you’ve reached a point you haven’t lost any weight for six months. This is your body’s happy weight and congrats on getting there!


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3 Emphasize the Basics

One tip for losing weight is to emphasize the basics of your wardrobe first. Start with blouses, pants and skirts. These items should be the most form fitting since they’ll be the items that show off your figure more. Keep at least a week’s worth of work clothes on hand, a couple pairs of jeans and a week’s worth of casual clothes. All jackets, belts, accessories and such can all be adjusted and most likely worn during your weight loss, without looking strange or odd on you.

4 Pick Patterns

Most people who are overweight are told to buy plain colors to make them look slimmer, so during your weight loss, to keep from looking frumpy, do the opposite. Buy printed scarves, shirts and accessories to add pizazz to your outfits and to keep from looking drab and enjoy your hard earned work to wear fun prints! They can really jazz up your outfits and add just the right touch to a basic outfit.

5 Enhance Your Jewelry

If you’re losing weight and are keeping minimal basics on hand as mentioned above, one great tip to keep your outfits looking fashionable is to emphasize jewlery. Jewelry is one size fits all for the most part, so enjoy plenty of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and watches to add enhancement to your outfits during weight loss. Do keep in mind that rings are a different story. Your fingers surprisingly shrink a great deal during weight loss. However, most other pieces of jewelry can really take a plain outfit like a basic black blouse and pair of trousers to whole new level.

6 Be Brave

You’ve worked hard to lose weight, so quit picking up all those plain outfits, and be a little brave when you go shopping for new clothes! Try a trendy new skirt or form fitting shirt. You didn’t lose weight to dress in frumpy frocks and oversized clothes you wore when you were overweight, so don’t! Wear items you never thought possible, and be sure to enjoy shopping for new clothes. You’ve earned it!

7 Spend a Little Here and There

Instead of celebrating your weight loss with one huge shopping trip, spend a little here and there over time. A shirt here, a blouse there, a skirt next time, etc. This not only keeps you motivated, but also ensures you aren’t buying too many clothes before you’ve lost all your weight.

Losing weight ( if needed), is great to boost your self confidence, but please do be sure first off that you really need to lose weight, and that you’re eating enough. Though it is nice to buy clothes for yourself during weight loss, you shouldn’t be dropping more than 5-10 pounds a month, and that should only be initially. The most healthy weight loss occurs slowly over time, not all at once. What’s your tip for dressing during weight loss, or how to dress to enhance your figure, even if you’re not losing weight?


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