7 Tips for Keeping a Successful Food Journal ...

Maybe you’ve heard that keeping a food journal makes it easier to lose weight. This is true because it keeps you accountable for every morsel you put into your mouth. Sometimes it’s easier to just skip that handful of candy rather than drag out your notebook and record it. At the same time, who feels good writing down the fact that they just ate four cheeseburgers for lunch? I don’t. These tips for keeping a food journal should help you be as successful as you can be.

1. Carry It with You

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It’s difficult to record what you’re eating if you leave your food journal at home. To get around this, choose a notebook that’s small enough to toss in your bag. This way, you can pull it out at work after you eat your lunch or write down what you eat in a restaurant. Take the notebook to dinner at your parents' and don’t forget to take it along if you go on vacation.

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