This Weeks GotAnyTips100 Winner is ... Valentina

By Olga

This Weeks GotAnyTips100 Winner is ... Valentina

Evening, gorgeous ladies,

Hope, everyone had an amazing week and an even more amazing weekend so far.

First of all, thank you so much for participating, the response was so great, we feel very lucky to have such an amazing, talented and knowledgeable audience!

Many, many amazing posts (by BrainyHipster95, by Lisz, by Torina, by TheHelp, by Roselaorchid, by KeechieKeech, by Michelle Greenman, by Leyla, by Tyler, by Andrea, by Ericarenae - so close, Erica!! with over 700 likes as we speak) got a pretty impressive number of likes, but the one that took the prize this week is "Summer Body in Two Weeks for Procrastinators" by Valentina Barajas
The post got a whooping 700+ likes within 3 days after publication, closing on almost an 800 likes as I am typing.

Love the top photo (who doesn't?), the tips, the illustrations, thank you Valentina, and please e-mail me at to arrange for the transfer of the $100 prize.

Thank you all, beautiful ladies, for sharing your words of wisdom and participating, we'll keep doing #GotAnyTips100 on a regular, so stay tuned for the announcement of the topic for next week.

Good night, beauties!
Talk to you soon.

Always yours,
Olga Kaushan

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