10 Things You Should Know about Waist Training ...

By Glenys

10 Things You Should Know about Waist Training ...

It might seem like a practise from the long gone Victorian days, but did you know that the concept of waist training is back in fashion? It has been growing in popularity for the last couple of years, so much so that it’s time to make sure everyone knows the details before they even think about giving it a go! Here are ten things you should know about waist training.

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Slim at the Waist

Of course, the main benefit of this exercise is that it succeeds in making you slimmer around the waist. Just looking at it from this perspective, it is undeniable that there is pretty much an immediate psychological effect to seeing your waist smaller around the middle.


Temporary Weight Loss

Some people even work out with their waists still cinched, and some research has shown that this can have a slightly quicker weight loss effect on that specific area. In the majority of cases though, this regional effect will only ever be temporary.


Doesn’t Get Rid of Body Fat

In the whole, though, waist training isn’t something that helps to get rid of body fat; it is more a case of conditioning your body to adjust to a different shape and moving your fat around, rather than eliminating it.


Organs Shift

In extreme cases, waist training can actually succeed in shifting around your internal organs because of the new space restrictions that you are putting on your body. If this happens, it can lead to very dangerous consequences.



With all of the waist training garments in place, you can expect to experience a higher body temperature than usual, which in turn can lead to an excess of sweating and an increased risk of dehydration if you are not paying attention.

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Back Muscles

Prolonged waist training can have a negative impact on your back muscles, because you don’t necessarily have to rely on them when wearing a corset. It can weaken them and make them more vulnerable to damage.



Understandably, it can also have an effect on your breathing. Any type of exercise that puts pressure around your lung area is going to constrict your air capacity in some way, so it is important to keep tabs on the tightness.


Still Growing

You absolutely should not be waist training if you are a young person who still has some growing to do. Restricting your body in such a way when your bones and muscles are still developing can cause life long issues.


Skin Infections

The tightness required to achieve optimum waist training results can often be linked to skin irritations and infections on the body. You need to always be careful about fabrics and friction.



Just like many more types of things that you can do with your body, waist training can become addictive in such a way that you keep striving for smaller and smaller numbers when you have already gone way past your recommended target. You need to be careful and keep your perspective.

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