7 Things to Prevent Office Bod for Those Who Are Working at a Desk ...


7 Things to Prevent Office Bod for Those Who Are Working at a Desk ...
7 Things to Prevent Office Bod for Those Who Are Working at a Desk ...

Office bod is a relatively new term coined to describe what can happen when you spend so many hours sedentary at a desk. It can definitely take a toll on your body. You’re less active than you should be so you probably aren’t burning as many calories as you need to each day. This can lead to your weight slowly but surely creeping up. These’re 7 tips you can use to prevent office bod.

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Keep Tantalizing Treats out of Sight

When treats are in your line of sight, you’re much more likely to give in to them. Therefore, clear them out of your work area. Of course you can’t control what others bring into work but you can make your personal work area free of them. Get rid of the candy bowl and you’ve already slashed your calories. Every step you make toward healthy living will add up.


Bring Guilt-free Snacks to Work with You

You’ll be less likely to grab a morning donut if you have healthier treats to choose from. Stash a drawer with healthy snacks such as fruit, almonds and good quality granola bars. Not only are you taking in less calories when you choose one of those options but you’re doing something good for your body. You’ll feel better and you won’t miss the sugar crashes at all!


Take a Break Every Hour to Stretch Your Legs

It’s commonly known that being sedentary is not good for you. While you can’t escape your desk if you work in an office, make it a point to take a break once an hour. Even if you just grab a water from the office fridge or walk to the printer, you’re moving. This breaks up your day and help your day go faster. The mental break can help you increase your productivity, too.


Walk on Your Lunch Break

This one will depend on how long of a lunch break you have. It’s not easy to accomplish if you’ve only got 30 minutes. But if you’ve got a full hour then yes, you can squeeze a walk in. Even if you only walk half that time, at the end of a 5 day workweek, you’ve racked up 2 and ½ hours of exercise. That’s great!


Set a Goal of 10,000 Steps a Day

10,000 steps a day is considered to be a good mark to aim for in activity. You can wear a Fitbit or even an old style pedometer to count them for you. It can seem like an impossible number to hit at first but don’t give up. You’ll find ways to sneak more steps into your day. A daily walk is a great start but you can also take the stairs instead of the elevator and use other simple tricks like that.


Kickstart Your Day with Hydration

Water is a great aid to preventing office bod. It’s a calorie free beverage that’s good for you. Additionally, it can help to stave off hunger. If you think you’re hungry but you ate not long ago, have a glass of water. More than likely, you’ll see your hunger pang go away.


Find an Exercise You’re Passionate about

If you hate to exercise, you’re not going to want to do it. Thankfully, there’re so many options you can choose from that there’s no need to ever hate your workout routine. For me, I always go back to walking. But you may love jogging, biking, swimming or even a spin class. Go with whatever you enjoy and makes you feel good about your body.

These 7 tips can help you prevent office bod from happening to you. Do you struggle against office bod? How do you deal?

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