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You've been attending decadent holiday parties and celebrations, and now you are not sure what to do after you overeat. It seems like one day of overeating can cause your stomach to bulge and your weight to sky rocket. And you are not sure what to do. How much damage have you caused to your waistline? Can one day of overeating sabotage your weight loss? Here is what you should do after you overeat:

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Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Okay, so you ate too much and now you feel the after effects as you are bloating. What should you do? Well first of all, stop stressing. What’s done is done and you cannot turn back time, so pick your head up and don’t be too hard on yourself. Often when people are down they continue on the path of overeating, but if you are positive you will get back to normalcy after you overeat.


Get Back on Track

Now that the overeating day is done, it is time for you to get back on track. Are you ready to work towards your goals and eat healthy? After you over indulge, the mere taste of sugar and high fat food can make it hard to refocus, but you can do it. Refocus so that you can pursue your fitness and health goals.


Drink Lots of Water

The next day after you overeat you should drink a lot of water. It may seem crazy to drink lots as you are feeling full and bloated, but this will help alleviate your bloating. Hydrating fully is an effective way to decrease the stomach fullness you are feeling the day after you overeat.



When you awake you should stretch to quicken the digestive process and help remove toxins from your body. Stretch for 15-20 minutes to prepare yourself for the next step, a workout!


Get in Some Cardio

Now that you are stretched and feeling better, start your detox workout. I recommend jumping rope, running or biking because these are all high intensity cardio workouts that will help you to burn a large amount of calories and detoxify your body. As you sweat, you will help remove toxins from your body. As you exercise you will speed the digestive process so that you will feel better.


Eat Clean

Now that you are back on track, make sure you eat plenty of veggies. I recommend drinking a kale smoothie the day after you overeat to give your digestive system a break. Your digestive system is working long and hard to digest the over-consumption of food you have.


Rest and Stay on Track

Put your feet up and relax. Now that you have gotten through a day of healthy eating and exercising, you should be feeling much better. Get plenty of sleep because if you lack sleep your body will secrete cortisol, which can cause you to gain weight. So get plenty of rest and stay on track to eating healthy!

Now that you know what to do after overeating, just stay on track to fitness and health success. Remember, one day of overeating will not ruin your diet but a week can, so stay focused. And do not beat yourself up, you can only move forward. Are you hard on yourself after you overeat?

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stretching always works :) good tips. thanks!!

Yikes i did 20 minutes of skipping the last couple of days and boy my legs feel it - does make me feel really good though

Throw up! Lol I'm only joking. Get outside in the fresh air and walk a lot.

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