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The Ultimate Tea Diet by Mark "Dr. Tea" Ukra ...

By Leiann

Ladies, you are going to love this diet! Do you like hot tea or cold tea? Dr. Tea has you covered!

I personally own a copy of his book and it is so interesting.

Perfect for cool or warm weather.

May I tell you a little story?

Years ago, I loaned a copy of this book from the local library. I liked the book so much, that I wanted to buy my own copy. I ended up finding out that I could not afford a copy.

About a year later, I was shopping at a Salvation Army store. I was standing in line to check out, when something told me to turn around and march right back to the book section. So, I hurried out-of-line and did. I looked at the bookshelf, and sure enough, there was a copy of "The Ultimate Tea Diet", for under $2.00! I do not know if it was God or Santa, but I was so grateful.

Just remember, drink tea, hot or cold, all day. No herbal. No sweetener. Have 3 portioned and sensible meals. Sensible snacks.

Do you get bored with tea? Use different glasses or different cups. Have a selection of various teas.

If you read this book, you are going to find that Mark Ukra is affectionally called "Dr. Tea"! So follow the "doctor's" orders and drink tea!

Good luck!

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