The One ☝️ New Year's 🍾 Resolution πŸ” You Should Stop πŸ›‘ Making ...

I'm here to tell you about the New Year's resolution you should not make. With Christmas approaching in two weeks, the New Year is not far behind. After gorging on the sweets and the holiday feast, most people will make the most popular and cliched New Year’s resolution: lose weight. I am guilty of making this resolution and have failed each year. If you really want to lose weight, don’t make it your resolution for 2018. Here are the reasons why this is the New Year's resolution you should not make.

1. Switching Gears

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The problem with wanting to lose weight after New Year’s Day is the total switch in gears when it comes to diet. To eat a bunch of sweets and carbs and then to suddenly stop is a tough adjustment and it makes it even harder to resist the cravings. That's one of the biggest reasons why this is the New Year's resolution you should not make.

2. Still Winter

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Winter time is the hardest time to go on a diet. The cold outside and the coziness of the indoors creates an atmosphere that encourages you to splurge on comfort foods and sugary drinks. Why drink tomato juice during a blizzard when you can have hot chocolate?

3. Dieting

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When people want to lose weight, they do the last thing they should do: dieting. Dieting indicates that the healthy eating is only temporary, which leads to previous eating habits coming back. To truly shed the pounds and keep them off, you must change your overall eating habits for the rest of your life. But with New Year’s, everyone immediately jumps on dieting as it offers fast results. Sometimes the slow route is the best.

4. Resolution the Reason

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Another issue with making weight loss a resolution is the fact that you need the New Year’s resolution to start losing weight. With the resolution being the reason, your motivation for the weight loss won't be strong enough to begin with. If you’re not willing to do it any other time of the year, you’re not going to be willing to do it at the beginning of the year either.

Since weight loss is a pointless New Year’s resolution, I would suggest making a different resolution. Possibly one that improves your character or helps others. If you want to lose the weight, be smart and take it slow. Don’t rush it.

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