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The Best Weight-Loss Iced Tea Recipe Ever is Right Here ...

By Leiann

This is the easiest iced tea recipe that there is. You may all know how to make iced tea, but this is going out to all of you who do not know how. I cannot let you miss out on this delicious drink!

All you have to do is place tea bags in a pitcher of water, set in fridge overnight or place in a sunny window for a couple of hours.

Would you like to know what I do, personally? I place 5 tea bags in a pitcher of water for hours undisturbed. I then mix in 3 packets of Kool-Aid sugar-free lemonade mix. Then, I drink 4 sports bottles of the drink (named diet lemonade iced tea) to get in my 8 cups of water intake. It's tart and quenches the thirst.

I like sweet tea, but the recipes for sweet tea are just so full of sugar.

I hope you found this iced tea recipe to your liking. Anything to simplify life, right?

Have a good day.

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