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The Best Cardio Workouts for Fat Loss ...

By Lydia

It is probably right to say that when someone gets into working out for the first time, it is because they are on a mission to lose some extra weight. When you are on a weight loss journey, the main thing that you are aiming to do is burn lots of excess fat that is being stored in your body and giving you a larger figure, and the best thing for encouraging and speeding up fat loss is definitely cardio. If you are just starting out on this mission, then here are some helpful points. These are the best cardio workouts for fat loss.

1 Sprint Training

Adding sprint intervals into a longer run is a super effective way to get that fat burning process going. For example, an ideal running set would look something like this - forty to sixty seconds of light jogging followed by twenty seconds of hard sprinting. Repeat that about five times and you will definitely start to feel and see the benefits.

2 Skipping

Skipping isn’t just a thing for the playground! It is a portable and accessible way to start experimenting with HIIT. Try skipping for around the two minutes, with a one minute period of rest before skipping again and then rounding things off with a thirty second gentle skip. Repeat this four times for maximum effect.

3 Kettlebell Training

Another non-scary way to get into HIIT is to use kettlebells. Make the effort to do some kettlebell squats for about twenty seconds, followed by forty second of rest. Getting the rest in between the sets is vital because that is when your body starts to feel the benefits of the interval training.

4 Boxing

Boxing is a full body workout that is so much fun that is doesn’t even feel like exercise! There is so much satisfaction in working your fitness up to the point where you can spar for a whole two-minute round. Two minutes might not seem like a long time, but when you are working out pretty much every muscle in your body, it can feel like a lifetime! You will witness fat loss in a relatively short time if you get in to boxing training.

5 Rowing

Rowing is another amazing cardio workout that pretty much affects every inch of your body in a positive way. It increases your core strength whilst at the same time enhancing your cardiovascular fitness. You will lose fat and gain muscle, which always makes people look leaner even when they have become stronger.

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