7 Technologies to Improve Your Workout ...

This is such an exciting time to be active with all the new and exciting workout technologies to improve your workout! With all of these new ways to keep track of your workouts and progression, it’s adding a really interesting new dimension to fitness. There are actually so many different gadgets currently out there to improve your workout that you may not even know most of them existed! So to help show you the future of exercise, here are 7 technologies to improve your workout!

1. Nike Lunar Hyper Workout+ Sport Pack

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The Nike Lunar Hyper Workout+ Sport Pack is a revolutionary training shoe that will improve your workout. By being embedded with sensors which track every step and sync them directly to your mobile device, this is definitely one of the best technologies to improve your workout. Nike+ sensors measure how hard, fast and often you train, while the Nike+ Training app turns training into a game that you can play with your friends! They also feature lunarlon cushioning with a soft, yet resilient foam core to provide lightweight, ultra-plush cushioning, springy response and support! It's the closest thing you'll get to having bionic feet! Plus they help give you the little extra motivation you need by linking to your Nike+ account so you can rival your friends!

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