7 Surprising Weight Loss Myths ...


There are so many weight loss myths that as a trainer, I hear clients asking about on a daily basis. So many clients are afraid to lift weights, increase protein, or do certain body-weight exercises because of a fear of gaining unattractive muscle mass and gaining weight, when in reality you will actually lose weight and see better results if you do these exercises. There are many fad diets that have created uncertainty and confusion for many. So what is the correct food plan you should follow to lose weight? As a trainer for thousands of health and fitness lovers, let me share with you weight loss myths and what will help you to achieve results!

1. Lifting Weights Make You Bulk up and Gain Weight

This is the first of my weight loss myths because so many of my clients are afraid of this, but it cannot be farther from the truth. I lift light weights myself and I lift my body-weight on a daily basis when I squat down to pick something up. Weight training helps you build muscle so you will burn more calories at rest, so weight lifting can actually help you to lose weight.

Eating Less Will Help You to Lose Weight
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