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As a trainer, fitness enthusiast, and lover of food, it can be a challenge looking for healthier versions of high fat foods, but there are easy food swaps that you can easily add into your life. Where there is a will, there is a way. I have found that many of my food swaps actually end up tasting better than their high fat counterparts because the low fat version leaves you feeling satisfied, rather than stuffed after the meal. Small changes add up to make a big difference on the scale. Here are some easy food swaps for your favorite meals.

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Pizza Wrap Instead of Pan Pizza

Have a whole grain wrap with a teaspoon of marinara sauce, sliced mushrooms, veggies and a sprinkle of skim cheese for a skinny version of pizza. This is one of the easy food swaps for a meal favorite!


Chicken on Lettuce Rather than a High Carb Bun

Wrap your chicken sandwich in some collard greens or romaine lettuce. This veggie has some cancer combating properties and it also helps to lower your cholesterol.


Spaghetti Squash Instead of Carbohydrate Heavy Pasta

Fill your body with cancer fighting antioxidants and avoid the excess of carbs in pasta by having some spaghetti squash. Spaghetti squash has a noodle like interior with a similar consistency to spaghetti. Better your health and your waistline with this skinnier, healthier swap! In the mood for meatballs? Try turkey or chicken meatballs on the side to save calories and fat.


Oatmeal Pancakes Instead of Regular Flour Pancakes

Pancakes are a loved breakfast by many, but these refined carbohydrates cause a spike in your blood sugar, which is unhealthy. Additionally this is not healthy for weight loss. Try a heart healthy swap of oatmeal pancakes instead. Oatmeal also has lecithin in it, which is a natural fat burner. Use a mixture of oatmeal and protein-packed cottage cheese or Greek yogurt to create your own healthy version of breakfast pancakes. Mix together half a cup of old-fashioned oatmeal, a quarter cup of low-fat cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, two egg whites, and a dash cinnamon. Mix in a blender until smooth. Cook the mixture like you would regular pancakes.


Summer Squash Instead of Hash Browns

Summer squash is a fresher and healthier substitute for carbohydrate-heavy potatoes. To prepare your "squash browns," grate squash (zucchini or yellow squash), mix in an egg white as a binder, work into little round patties, and cook in olive oil - or, better yet, broil in the oven.


Mashed Cauliflower Instead of Mashed Potatoes

Avoid the unhealthy spike in your blood sugar levels that is caused by potatoes and make some mashed cauliflower instead. Add a bit of milk and puree from a healthy veggie that studies show increases your life span.


Egg White Melt Instead of High Fat Breakfast Sandwich

Swap your favorite egg sandwich for this egg white melt recipe: funfitmama.com. That recipe is one of my favorites after an intense morning workout. And the best part about this meal is that you can save calories without sacrificing taste! Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed all the easy food swaps for your meal favorites. And I hope this will help you to look at food differently. If you eat for the betterment of your health and realize you do not have to sacrifice taste to save calories, you will take a whole new lease on life. What is your favorite food swap?

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k bello todo

also quinoa pasta rather than pasta!

I love this post !

I used to be anorexic. And i diet A LOT. However! NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE MY PANCAKES!!

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