24 Summer 🌝Weight Loss Tricks 👌🏽That Take Just One Minute ⏳ ...


Summer. It’s probably the best, most fun season in terms of being able to get and about and spend time with your friends in some glorious weather, but one definite consequence of this is that the need to shift those few extra pounds becomes more and more urgent the closer you get to having to put your swimsuit on! Of course, we all like the thought of working out and toning up much more than the actual reality of doing it. That is, unless, you can package some effective weight loss tricks in just sixty short seconds! Here are some summer one-minute weight loss tricks that build up to lost pounds!

1. Swap Juice for a Juice Spritzer by Mixing Your Favourite Juice with Some Sparkling Water for a Less Calorific Beverage

Every Time You Eat an Unhealthy Snack, Put Some Money in a Jar and when It’s Full Give It to Charity
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